Our History

In 1956 Walter W. Hoffman, Oather C. Vance, and William E. Worthington formed a partnership to provide a suite of services that were previously unavailable in Ventura County: agricultural management, appraisal, and consultation.

Walter Hoffman, a county native, earned his degree in electrical engineering and naval sciences at USC. After the war he returned to family ranching interests and underwent a rigorous apprenticeship in livestock, poultry, dry and irrigated farming, and petroleum operations.

Oather Vance was born on a wheat farm in Wichita, Kansas, and became familiar with Ventura Country as a marine during World War II. Mr. Vance worked as a CPA and his sudden death in 1976 was a great shock and loss to both the firm and the community.

Bill Worthington was from Los Angeles and earned his degree in agriculture at UCLA and at UC Berkeley. He moved to Ventura County in 1937 and worked for the Janss Investment Company, managing their properties in Santa Rosa Valley, Coachella Valley, and Nevada.

Hoffman, Vance & Worthington, Inc. was formed to fill a void that existed in land management. Absentee owners, investors, and those responsible for directing trusts where land was involved, found that there was no one in the area who could be hired to oversee their properties.

The successors of Hoffman, Vance, and Worthington continue the legacy and work to this day. The firm now handles all aspects of land management and is highly adaptable to the unique needs of its clients.